let them roam free

Anonymous: I know u dont do drugs at raves. Ive been to 2 festivals & both times Ive done Molly w/ my bf &our friends. After my 1st rave I got prescribed antidepressants. Not cause of the Molly but cause Ive been fighting depression for awhile. My last rave I took Molly while on anti d's. Molly didnt work. My meds block it from working so I felt sober. My bf & every1 around me had the times of their lives & I was just having a decent time.How do u enjoy raves 2 the full extent while being sober?Any tips?


I’ve been sober all my life so to me raving sober is really just normal for me, it’s all I know. I go for the music and let my heart guide me. I can be completely happy on my own just dancing my heart out my myself to the music and going from stage to stage. Not everyone enjoys the same things, so you just gotta find what makes you happy! Socialize with other people, go explore the other things around the venue, just make the best of what you have! Not everyone enjoys raving sober, so I am not going to say that raves sober will be fun for you, but just follow your heart and maybe step outside of your comfort zone :) 

This is why i always suggest going to your first event sober.